NILA JHILA (Blue lake)

Detail of berry-pink pashmina, folded edge & woolen floral embroidery on cushion cover
Back of pashmina wool cushion, hidden zip
Detail of woolen floral embroidery on pashmina wool cushion cover

Topaz blue pashmina wool cushion cover with vibrant floral embroidery & berry pink pashmina wool folded frill

Made from a deep, topaz blue cashmere shawl, festooned with brilliant floral embroidery in the front. Backed with the same fabric, but less embroidered design. Hidden zip with a berry pink, supersoft, plain pashmina, folded edging. Two available.


Total: 49cm x 74cm; Frill/edge: 4cm all around; Insert: 41cm x 66cm


Shipping: free, express within Australia; $35 per order, international express

Nila Jhila cushion cover
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