Product care



Love,  respect & TAKE CARE OF YOUR GEMS by separating them in your jewellery drawer, storing in a cloth bag away from light & humidity, NOT showering, swimming or spraying perfume near them, & keeping gold & silver at a healthy distance.


Silver does tend to oxidise & go dull far quicker than gold. When this happens, a little toothpaste smeared over the item, allowed to set for a few minutes, wiped off lovingly with a damp cloth, then lightly polished, shall reveal a brilliant shimmer. Alternatively, a tiny amount of liquid soap in warm water, wiped over gold, silver & stoned jewellery, will also suffice.


ONCE AGAIN, DO NOT SPRAY PERFUME near, or while wearing your jewellery. Spritz & wait a few minutes BEFORE putting on your gems. Semi-precious, even some precious beads & stones, are often enhanced with colour, which might bleed on your clothes & other valuable items. Silver & gold-plating/polishing can & will corrode.


Remember special pieces deserve special attention.


All jewels are handmade to my designs & specifications by a highly skilled, traditional artisan in West Bengal, India, with whom I have a trusted, long-standing & direct working relationship. I pay the silver & gold standard price (according to the market) & labour charges as asked.


Designs are a synthesis of refined-contemporary & artistic-traditional Indian.


Precious metals used are of the highest quality.


Silver, gold & stone jewellery will be made in limited quantities.


PLEASE BE AWARE, handcrafted, artisanal pieces, using basic, rudimentary hand-tools, do not have the smooth, perfectly finished, cookie-cutter luster of department store, machine-made or mass-produced jewellery. You will often find small discrepancies (even within one set of earrings), minute differing details, metal flecks, markings, slight roughness, tiny holes, spaces in the continuity of a design & other small irregularities. Most are imperceptible to the naked eye & do not take away from the allure of the gem as a whole. What you are instead rewarded with, here at 'OneRoseOneRuby', is a one-off, unrepeated, hands-on, creative mixture of rustic & refined, original design & workmanship -- a synthesis of East meets West, a story of undying love for my Indian heritage, forged in the presence of generational artisans and all in the spirit of supporting dying artistic cultures & the perpetuation of history & tradition. Xx


You can read about my process & dedication to the craft on my blog, My Palace Walk.



Please take care when lounging on covers/throws with delicate bead & applique work. Resist also the temptation to wear Velcro while lounging!!


Dry-cleaning will be required for most pieces, should they stain. Silks, cottons & brocades can be wiped with a DAMP cloth, but ITEMS SHOULD NOT BE MACHINE WASHED OR HAND-WASHED VIGOROUSLY due to the delicacy of the fabrics & their respective trims. A few items from the 'Haveli Collection' can be hand-washed.


Kindly note, some of the collected, vintage textiles used are SLIGHTLY ASYMMETRIC & SHOW SMALL SIGNS OF AGE & WEAR. To preserve & keep the authenticity of the pieces, I have refrained from cutting too much from them - resulting in some of the cushion covers NOT being 100% perfectly square or rectangular.


Also some of the 're-claimed' fabrics used for backings (& one or two trims), while cut carefully from only the best pieces, still present a few tell-tale signs of being 'pre-loved'. Only the most discerning eye, of course, would notice. They are nonetheless, still beautiful, luxuriant, handcrafted pieces, with a sense of history, timelessness & eclecticism.