THE SELF(IE) ...behind  OneRoseOneRuby

History, Economics, Art, Literature & Philosophy

are the things I’m formally studied in...

Teaching, communicating (cross-culturally), content-creating & wayfaring -

are the things I’m dutifully practised in...

Designing, fabric-buying, sewing, writing, photographing, chai-making,

shimmying to the beats & running a small-business -

  are the things I’m suitably involved in (& mad about!)



the cornerstones of a plentiful & quietly productive life ...


Kindness, conscientiousness, a capacious curiosity and constancy are the tools I use to turn this life into a sufficient bloom of happiness, without which, everything would just be dinky decoration & spurious spam.


My intuitive inner world, expressive outer world, appreciation of the natural world & blithely imagined world an ‘other-worldly’ world of wonders, whimsies, wisdoms and exoticisms – along with my wishes for a slightly more baroque, bright and bracing ‘tomorrow-world’, present a confluence of ALL the aforementioned ...and directly embolden my decisions, determinations & designs.


Through my oriental jewellery and textile art, a whole lifetime of ‘dreamtime’ discovery, magical enquiry, solo sojourns, spiritual odysseys, historical elucidations and learned applications are expressed.


My online shop is a portal to this world.


It is ME - Indian-born & globally-bred a 't' (masala chai to be precise!)


It is my motherland by proxy, my inestimable muse, my missive ...


from me to you.

 Xx Char


*You can read about my jewellery pilgrimages, process & dedication to the craft  'HERE'